No-Contact LLC, is a research and development company focusing on wearable technologies that synthesize advanced textiles and fibers with electronics/ computation for personal protection and safety. Our mission is to help protect security personnel, law enforcement officers, military and civilians using the latest in wearable technologies.

No-Contact LLC has developed a proprietary technology, Conducted Energy Clothing or (CEC) to assist security personnel and law enforcement officers confronted with close-quarter assault situations involving fists and hands. Sometimes law enforcement officers can be caught off-guard and are unable to access their firearm to gain control of a situation. In this situation, an officer can find themselves engaged in a hand-to-hand struggle with an aggressor. Assaults with fists and hands account for 80% of all assaults faced by law enforcement. Conducted Energy Clothing acts as a last line of defense during an assault. With CECs an officer can get a potentially lifesaving opportunity to break free from a hold and gain control of a dangerous situation.

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